Terms of Use


If you choose to use CAPWiki and/or the CAPWiki forums, you are indicating that you agree with and accept the Terms of Use stated on this page:

1. The CAPWiki staff has the right to change the contents of the Terms of Use at any time without notice. We will ensure the date for each update is posted at this top of this page.

2. The CAPWiki staff do our best to monitor the content of the site; however, the very nature of a wiki makes it impossible for us to monitor every page and user. Therefore, CAPWiki is not reponsible for the content of the pages, posts, or messages on the website, and the reponsibility for the content page, posts, and messages is the sole responsibility of the author. In the same vein, content and opinions reflected in the CAPWiki pages, posts, and messages do not necessarily reflect the views of the CAPWiki staff.

3. While CAPWiki is designed to allow the fullest freedom and flexibility for the members possible, certain posting practices, whether in the main CAPWiki pages or in the CAPWiki forums, are not under any conditions acceptable:

  • Misrepresenting yourself: While we do not require members to identify themselves or even to be members of CAP, we do require that if members do choose to identify themselves, they do so in an honest way. Creating multiple usernames, impersonating another member of CAP, impersonating a member of another organization, or other such offenses are strictly prohibited.
  • Vandalism: Any attempt to vandalize the CAPWiki or the CAPWiki forums will not be tolerated. Vandalism includes but is not limited to maliciously adding, editing, or deleting information, distributing spam, distributing any sort of virus, and unauthorized advertising. We expect our members to act with integrity when editing material. Please report any abuse by clicking the "Flag as objectionable" link at the bottom of the page.
  • Abuse of other members: Abuse includes but is not limited to sending purposefully hurtful or derogatory messages, posting hate messages, harrassment, profanity, and ad hominem attacks. This policy does not only extend to attacking members of CAPWiki, but extends to anyone either within CAP or outside of it.
  • Copyright infringement: You shall not knowingly post copywrited content without the direct permission of the copyright owner or the implied permission of the copyright owner in cases where the owner has made the content available to the public.
  • Posting inappropriate material: This includes documents, pictures, audio, video, or links that include pornography, glorification of drug use, materials including obscene or excessively violent content, profanity, or any other content deemed by the CAPWiki staff to be inappropriate. Subsequent posting of such materials will result in immediate punitive action. While we are not recognized by Civil Air Patrol, CAPWiki still holds members to the same standard of professionalism expected by CAP. If you can't show it at a cadet meeting, then don't show it here.

Users who violate these rules may be subject to punitive action, including suspension, banning, and in severe and appropriate cases, referral to legal authorities.

4. CAPWiki does not collect, sell, or distribute information from the individual users. The only information any member can access is the information you put in your Wikidot profile.

5. Use of any CAPWiki page or thread is authorized outside of the website for training purposes, provided that appropriate citation is given to CAPWiki and, if possible, the author(s) of the material.

If you have any questions or comments about this page, please feel free to contact us through our Contact page.

Thank you,
The CAPWiki Staff

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