A Sit-Up (Curl-Up) is part of the CPFT. It is designed to measure abdominal strength and endurance.

How to do the sit-up


  1. Obtain a stopwatch or wristwatch that measures time to the second
  2. Locate a flat surface, preferably one that is clean and cushioned


  1. Have each cadet lie on their back, with their knees flexed and feet about 12 inches from their buttocks
  2. A partner must hold the feet of the cadet being tested
  3. Have the cadet cross their arms and place their hands on opposite shoulders, while holding their elbows close to their chest
  4. Keeping this arm position, the cadet raises their trunk by curling up to touch their thighs with their elbows. Then the cadet lowers back to the floor so that the shoulder blades touch the ground
  5. This is a one minute test. To start the test, a timer calls out, “Ready … GO!” The timer will call out when 30 seconds remain, and again when 10 seconds remain in the test. At precisely 60 seconds, the timer calls out “Stop!”


  1. A Senior Member of the Cadet's partner may keep score
  2. Score one repetition every time the cadet correctly raises their trunk by curling up to touch their thighs with their elbows and returns to the starting position
  3. Count the repetitions aloud


CAPP 52-18, Cadet Physical Fitness Program

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