Shuttle Run

The Shuttle Run is a part of the CPFT that is a substitute of the mile run. It is designed to test the speed and coordination of a cadet in a sprint, rather than in the long-distance mile run.

How to do the shuttle run

Set Up

  1. Obtain two wood blocks (erasers, etc.) measuring approximately 2" x2" x4", a tape measure, and a digital stopwatch or wristwatch that measures time to the hundredth of a second
  2. Mark two parallel lines 30 feet apart
  3. Place the two blocks (or similar objects) immediately behind one of the lines


  1. Have the cadet start behind the line opposite from where the blocks are
  2. Each timer may only test one cadet at a time
  3. On the signal, "Ready, GO!", the cadet runs to the opposite line, picks up one block, runs back and crosses the starting line, drops the block behind the starting line, then repeats the process


  1. Blocks may not be thrown across the lines
  2. Start the stopwatch on the command, "Ready, GO!"
  3. Stop timing when the cadet crosses the starting line with the second block
  4. Record the time to the nearest tenth of a second
  5. Cadets may attempt this event during the testing period. Record the fastest time


CAPP 52-18, Cadet Physical Fitness Program

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