Rank Abbreviations

All grades are listed from hierarchical order from lowest to highest.

Cadet Airman, The Learning Phase (Phase I)

Cadet Airman Basic: C/AB
Cadet Airman: C/Amn
Cadet Airman First Class: C/A1C
Cadet Senior Airman: C/SrA

Cadet NCOs, The Leadership Phase (Phase II)

Cadet Staff Sergeant: C/SSgt
Cadet Technical Sergeant: C/TSgt
Cadet Master Sergeant: C/MSgt
Cadet Senior Master Sergeant: C/SMSgt
Cadet Chief Master Sergeant: C/CMSgt

Cadet Officers, The Command Phase (Phase III)

Cadet Second Lieutenant: C/2d Lt
Cadet First Lieutenant: C/1st Lt
Cadet Captain: C/Capt

Cadet Officers, The Executive Phase (Phase IV)

Cadet Major: C/Maj
Cadet Lieutenant Colonel: C/Lt Col
Cadet Colonel: C/Col

Senior Members (1)

Senior Member: SM or Officer
Flight Officer: FO
Technical Flight Officer: TFO
Senior Flight Officer: SFO
Second Lieutenant: 2d Lt
First Lieutenant: 1st Lt
Captain: Capt
Major: Maj
Lieutenant Colonel: Lt Col
Colonel: Col
Brigidier General: Brig Gen
Major General: Maj Gen

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