Positions in CAP

A position is a job or level of responsibility that a member may hold at an organizational level of CAP.

For many positions (especially cadet positions), there is no grade requirement. However, many senior member positions correspond to Professional Development Tracks.

Senior Member Positions


National Level

National Commander
National Vice Commander
National Executive Officer

Region Level

Region Commander

Wing Level

Wing Commander

Group Level

Group Commander

Squadron Level

Squadron Commander


Public Affairs Officer
Operations Officer
Communications Officer
Logistics Officer
Aerospace Education Officer
Personnel Officer
Finance Officer
Senior Programs Officer
Cadet Programs Officer
Administration Officer
Flight Operations Officer
Standardization/Evaluation Officer
Emergency Services Officer
Safety Officer
Plans and Programs Officer
Moral Leadership Officer
Recruiting and Retention Officer
Information Technology Officer
Drug Demand Reduction Officer

Cadet Positions


Cadet Commander
Cadet Deputy Commander
Cadet Executive Officer
Cadet Squadron Commander
Cadet Flight Commander
Cadet Flight Sergeant
Cadet Element Leader
Cadet Assistant Element Leader


Cadet Aerospace Education Officer
Cadet Operations Officer
Cadet Communications Officer
Cadet Public Affairs Officer
Cadet First Sergeant

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