National Cadet Special Activity

A National Cadet Special Activity (NCSA) is a special training event that generally takes place every summer. Unlike an encampment, NCSA's normally consist of more specialized training that focuses in a specific area, such as SAR or leadership.


NCSA's differ from encampment in a few different ways. The most obvious is that while an encampment's focus is primarily on indoctrinating cadets into CAP life through extended training, NCSA's focus instead on specific aspects of a CAP or military interest. A cadet may spend a week learning how to fly at one of the flight academies, or learning search and rescue, or studying a specific branch of aerospace. NCSA's are not required for progression in the cadet program, as encampments are, but are considered the premier cadet activities that CAP has to offer. While few encampments reach a point where they have to turn cadets away, NCSA's generally have a much smaller attending class, so application is more competitive.


NCSA requirements vary widely, but generally require cadets to have attended at least one encampment before the start date of the activity and to have earned the Maj Gen John F. Curry Achievement. In addition, many activities have age and grade requirements for attendance.


Applications for most NCSA's are done through E-Services. In addition, many wings will host a review board to help determine eligibility and the competitiveness of the cadet in relation to the activity being applied for.

Complete List of NCSA's

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