Mile Run

The Mile Run is a part of the CPFT that is a substitute for the shuttle run. It is designed to measure the cardiovascular endurance of cadets.

How to do the mile run

Set Up

  1. Obtain a stopwatch or a wristwatch that measures time to the second
  2. Locate an oval shaped track (preferred)
  3. If a track is unavailable, a road course may be used if it is reasonably flat, has a wide shoulder, and does not require cadets to make numerous turns down different streets


  1. Up to 25 cadets may be tested at the same time, provided that one senior member acts as the timer and another acts as the recorder. If only one senior member or CAP-USAF member is available, then no more than 10 cadets may be tested at the same time
  2. Have the cadets being tested ready themselves behind the starting line. Faster cadets should be positioned in the front of the pack
  3. At the command, “Ready, GO!,” cadets start running and timing begins
  4. Supervisors should be stationed at the half-mile mark of road courses, or as the situation warrants, to ensure each cadet reaches the waypoint. Supervisors must remain alert to potential safety hazards and monitor cadets for potential injuries or exhaustion
  5. Cadets may run, jog, or walk during this event


  1. The timer will call out the time when each cadet crosses the finish line for the recorder to log


CAPP 52-18, Cadet Physical Fitness Program

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