International Air Cadet Exchange

The International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) is an summer exchange program that CAP participates in every summer. The program consists of an international exchange of aviation cadets and like-minded youth between member countries. IACE is not a CAP-controlled activity; rather, CAP is the official representation from the United States of America in the IACE program.


IACE is one of the most competitive and selective activities for which a cadet can apply in the cadet program. As such, CAP cadets wishing to apply for an IACE slot must fulfill multiple requirements. Cadets must be at least a Cadet Captain by the application deadline and no younger than 17 years old by the start date of the activity. Cadets who have previously attended IACE, except in special circumstances, are not eligible to reapply. Due to the international status of the activity, cadets must also already have or be eligible to apply for a US passport and "be able to undertake all activities of a cadet ambassador." All cadets who apply must also fill out a secondary application, consisting of more in-depth questions than the CAPF 31 covers, and also includes scenario-based questioning.

Senior members are also eligible to apply to IACE as escorts to the cadets. Senior escorts must be at least 25 years of age and hold a Senior Rating in the Cadet Programs Track. Seniors may reapply to IACE, so long as they have not attended an IACE previously in the last five years either as a cadet or senior ambassador. Like cadets, senior members must also obviously be eligible for a US passport. Senior members are required to complete a secondary application.

Activity Outline

The activities that take place during any given IACE activity will differ greatly depending upon the hosting country. Typically, an IACE activity will include visits to historically important sites in the country, aerospace-related activities, visits with any local cadet programs and military organizations, and immersion in the culture of the community.


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