How to Edit

To edit pages in CAPWiki, simply click on edit button at the bottom of the page. This will open an editor.

To create a link to a new page, use syntax: [[[new page name]]] or [[[new page name | text to display]]]. Follow the link to create a new page and instantly edit it!

Please visit Documentation pages to learn more.

While most people are familiar with a wiki, mainly Wikipedia, the CAPWiki uses somewhat different syntax for editing the pages. Knowledge of the sytanx is not required for basic edits, such as correcting grammar or typing in information. However, if you want to format pages, create links, and other more advanced editing, you will want to at least be familiar with the Wikidot syntax.

Luckily, they have a pretty good page here that outlines the code clearly. Whether you are new to wikis or are an experienced user, it is worth your time to take a look.

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