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Here is the new creed as per NBB 2010:

I am a Blue Beret. I am my country and Civil Air Patrol expect me to be: the best of American youth, and an example of leadership for today and the future.
Never will I fail that trust.
Therefore, I pledge to perform to the highest degree of professionalism. My dedication to the service of others, rendered with respect and humility, is the outward sign of this pledge.
I am a leader who exhibits the highest level of integrity and am dedicated to the well being of my comrades and community.
I understand that to wear a Blue Beret is a great honor.
Therefore, I forsake not:
My Country;
My Mission;
My Comrades;
My Duty.
I am a Blue Beret.

You can find the history of NBB here:

by Sierra LarsonSierra Larson, 17 Mar 2011 15:55

I was thinking that for this set, we could have mainly the command positions covered in terms of the different levels that are offered only. For instance, except in outstanding circumstances, I'm not sure it's necessary to create a whole new page for the Region PAO as opposed to the Squadron PAO. It may be more efficient to simply create the PAO page with the different levels at which this position may be held and what the duties may be all within one page.

Cadet positions are a little different. Few wings have true wing-level cadet positions, so I didn't see a use in dividing up the positions as I had with the senior member positions. However, I do see some off-shoot positions, such as CAC positions, being relevent to post here. Once again, though, it might be more efficient to put all of that on one page rather than seperate pages for each position. It might even be best to put them all on the single CAC page itself.

by Francis ScaliaFrancis Scalia, 22 Oct 2008 18:47

I'd like to, if possible, see a little bit about the history of NBB on this page, as I'm sure that most graduates are taught something about the history. In addition, I'd like to see the new creed. The one I remember is here, but I don't know if it's changed or not, and I'm doing it from memory, so it may be somewhat wrong.

I am a Blue Beret
I am what my country and Civil Air Patrol expects me to be
the best of American youth, and an example of leadership for today and the future.

Never will I fail that trust.

And to these ends I pledge to perform with the highest degree of professionalism,
exemplified by my dedication to the service of others
rendered with courtesy and humility.

I am a leader who exhibits the highest levels of integrity,
and is committed to the well-being of my comrades and community.

I understand that to wear the Blue Beret is a sacred honor,
therefore, I forsake not:
My country
My mission
My comrades
My duty
I am a Blue Beret
Follow me!

by Francis ScaliaFrancis Scalia, 03 Oct 2008 19:13
Francis ScaliaFrancis Scalia 02 Oct 2008 04:00
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So what I'd like to see in reference to the cadet grade set is L2K references. Theoretically, cadets should be qualified to hold the positions that the L2K book says that they are qualified to hold, and I think that would be as good of a standard by which to judge what duties a cadet holding a given grade to use as any.

by Francis ScaliaFrancis Scalia, 02 Oct 2008 04:00

Welcome to the CAPWiki forums. I figured I'd go over a few things with you.

First, the rules of the game are posted in the Terms of Use. Follow the rules, and you are free to stay here. Break them, and you're out.

Second, understand that this site is NOT designed to be a message board. I have no problems at all referring you to two great websites, and, both of which I am a member. These boards host a lot of CAP members and are far more developed than the CAPWiki boards will likely ever be. However, I also realize the benefit to having a message board on a wiki site, and the addition was free, so I figured I would add it in.

I will accept moderator applications for both the forums and the wiki as I need them.

I know the boards are a little bare right now, and that's because, as I said, my main interest is not in maintaining the boards at the moment, but rather to develop the wiki. However, in order to develop these boards and, hopefully with them, the CAPWiki site itself, I would appreciate any feedback you can give. Feel free to reach me through the Contact page or send me a PM through these boards.

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