An encampment is a cadet activity designed primary to train cadets in various aspects of the cadet program as well as familiarize them with other missions in CAP, such as emergency services, and provide them with military orientation, both in terms of the tone of the encampment and through formal instruction. Encampments are very popular events and are generally considered to be "staple" activities within the cadet program. Encampment rules and regulations are outlined in the Cadet Program Management regulation CAPR 52-16.

Goals of Encampment

According to CAPR 52-16, the goals of a cadet encampment are as follows:

  1. Apply knowledge gained in the cadet and senior programs to practical situations.
  2. Develop a greater understanding of CAP and Air Force missions and capabilities.
  3. Develop their leadership potential.
  4. Enhance their interpersonal skills.
  5. Develop time-management skills.
  6. Develop a spirit of teamwork.
  7. Inspire a sense of discipline.
  8. Learn how to overcome challenges and succeed.
  9. Enhance their local unit’s Cadet Program.
  10. Aid in retention and motivation.
  11. Receive an introduction to the military.


A cadet must have at least passed the Maj Gen John F. Curry Achievement in order to attend encampment. Senior members who intend to serve as staff must have at least completed Level 1 (Senior Member Program) and the CPPT. To complete and graduate encampment, cadets must have completed at least 80% of the requirements for encampment, and senior members must have provided at least 32 hours of support and "successfully completed their assigned duties, in the judgment of the encampment commander." All staff, cadets and senior members, must complete Required Staff Training.


CAPR 52-16

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