Captain Eddie Rickenbacker Achievement

The Captain Eddie Rickenbacker Achievement is the fourth cadet achievement of the Cadet Program. This achievement accompanies the promotion to Cadet Technical Sergeant.


For a cadet to be eligible for promotion he or she must take and pass Leadership Chapter 4, any aerospace module, the cadet physical fitness test, and must participate in at least half of the moral leadership forums offered since the completion of the last achievement and serve as a Recorder once and a Discussion Leader once. Cadets must also participate actively in unit activities.

Captain Eddie Rickenbacker:
During his time with the 94th Aero "Hat in the Ring" Squadron in WWII, Eddie Rickenbacker earned nearly every decoration possible, including the Medal of Honor. The first "Ace of Aces" lead his squadron in several important engagements against the German ace Baron Manfred von Ricthofen, "The Red Baron." During WWII Rickenbacker supported the war effort as a civilian. In 1942, he toured training bases in the southwestern United States and in England. He encouraged the American public to contribute time and resources, and pledged Eastern Air Lines equipment and personnel for use in military activities. Rickenbacker inspected troops, operations, and equipment, and served in a publicity function to increase support from civilians and soldiers.

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