The CAP Cadet Protection Program Training is training for SMs and cadets over the age of 18 that raise levels of awareness for child/cadet protection.



CAPR 52-16

3-1. Participation.
CAP requires senior members to complete Level I training prior to receiving any assigned duty position in the unit, working with cadets, being allowed to wear the Air Force-style CAP uniform, becoming eligible for promotion, or enrolling in AFIADL courses.

3-4. Cadet Protection Program Training (CPPT).
This training is intended to increase awareness of child abuse for senior members and cadets 18 and over, thereby reducing the potential for physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of cadets. CAP requires CPPT for all CAP senior members. Members will not work with cadets or receive promotions without this training. In addition, cadets must complete CPPT within 6 months following their 18th birthday or if a promotion is due during that 6-month period, then prior to receiving the promotion. The CAPF 11 is used to certify completion of this requirement and is submitted to NHQ CAP/LMM for processing.

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