Cadet Flight Sergeant

A Cadet Flight Sergeant is a cadet in charge of a cadet flight.


According to CAPR 20-1, the duties of a flight sergeant to his or her flight are as follows:

  • Assist the Flight Commander in the performance of his/her duties
  • Inspections
  • Instructions in military courtesy and drill
  • Maintenance or discipline
  • Flight administration and personal matters
  • Flight Commander (acting)
  • Related duties as required

CAPR 20-1 also states that the cadet flight sergeant should be familiar with CAP directives as listed in CAPP 52-14.

General Information

Cadet Flight Sergeant is the lowest responsibility a cadet may hold that has command responsibilities. It is generally assigned to cadets holding the grade of C/SSgt, C/TSgt, C/MSgt, C/SMSgt, and C/CMSgt. Flight Sergeants report directly to the cadet flight commander.

The flight sergeant is the direct, hands-on leader who helps the flight commander motivate and train the cadets in a flight. On average, flight sergeants will lead 8 to 15 cadets, including 2 to 4 element leaders. Their main area of concern is the leadership laboratory. Flight sergeants teach in-ranks cadets the basics of cadet life: drill, wear of the uniform, customs and courtesies, and physical fitness. Although flight sergeant is an entry-level leadership position, this cadet needs to be responsible and resourceful enough to take complete charge of the flight in the flight commander’s absence.

In some cases at the squadron level, typical at encampment level, flight sergeants will be mentored and supervised by a cadet first sergeant. Even with the first sergeant the flight sergeant still reports, receives, and executes orders given by the flight commander.

Position at different command levels

Flight Sergeants are used at all levels, including squadron, encampment, and NCSA's.


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