Cadet Executive Officer

A Cadet Executive Officer is a cadet that assist the cadet commander and cadet deputy commander in administering cadet squadron activities.


According the CAPR 20-1, the duties of a cadet executive officer are as follows:

  • Manage cadet affairs
  • Direct and supervise cadet staff
  • Coordinate cadet staff activities
  • Perform related duties as required

CAPR 20-1 also states that the cadet executive officer should be familiar with CAP directives as listed in CAPP 52-14.

General Information

The Cadet Executive Officer is a cadet who is on the cadet command staff (also called cadet executive staff, or the "top three"), which includes the cadet commander and cadet deputy commander. It is generally assigned to cadet with the grade of C/Maj, C/Lt Col and C/Col. The abbreviation for cadet executive officer is C/XO The cadet executive officer reports directly to the cadet commander.

The cadet executive officer is the member of the command staff who manages the mission support functions of the cadet corps. The position is usually unnecessary in most squadrons, except the largest and most top-heavy. Cadet executive officers are found mostly at encampments, which are usually group level organizations. The position exists with the assumption that the squadron has a handful of cadets managing support functions (ie: supply NCO, administrative NCO, webmaster, etc.) that for span of control reasons require a cadet officer to supervise on behalf of the cadet commander.

Position at different command levels

The cadet executive officer is generally not used at the squadron level but instead used widely at encampment and NCSA's. At encampments the cadets executive officer is in charge of the support staff, which can include public affairs, admin, stan/eval, communications, etc. The cadet executive officer is also used at many NCSA's, including cadet officer school, which has two cadet executive officers.


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