Cadet Deputy Commander

A Cadet Deputy Commander is a cadet who is responsible for managing the cadet corps in a squadron.


According to CAPR 20-1, the duties of a cadet deputy commander are as follows:

  • Plans and roceadures
  • Recremendations for cadet personal assignments
  • Inspections
  • Evaluating of cadet program meetings
  • Direction and supervision of cadet staff
  • Related duties as required

CAPR 20-1 also states that the cadet deputy commander should be familiar with CAP directives as listed in CAPP 52-14.

General Information

Cadet Deputy Commander is a cadet staff position on the cadet command staff (also referred to as the cadet executive staff, or the "top three"), which includes the cadet commander and cadet executive officer. It is generally assigned to cadets holding the grade of C/Maj, C/Lt Col and C/Col.

Cadet deputy commander is a challenging position partly because it can be so ambiguous. The deputy is the commander’s right hand, but each commander will use their deputy in a different way. There is no universal job description for deputy. Traditionally, the deputy manages cadet operations and acts as commander when the commander is absent. Additionally, the deputy is usually the cadet next in line to become cadet commander, so this cadet will need to learn the cadet commander’s job as well.

Position at different command levels

Cadet Deputy Commanders are used widely at all levels of CAP including squadron, encampment and NCSA's


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CAPP 52-15, Cadet Staff Handbook

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