Cadet Commander

A Cadet Commander is the cadet leader for all cadet members of a given activity or event.


According to CAPR 20-1, the duties of a cadet commander are as follows:

  • Establish plans and procedures to accomplish the polices established by the unit commander
  • Coordinate cadet staff activities
  • Direct cadet staff officers
  • Coordinate with senior staff
  • Serves as liaison between senior and cadet staff
  • Ensure compliance with CAP directives
  • Make personal assignment recommendations
  • Monitor cadet staff with Cadet Protection policies

CAPR 20-1 also states that the cadet deputy commander should be familiar with CAP directives as listed in CAPP 52-14.

General Information

Cadet Commander is a cadet staff position on the cadet command staff (also referred to as the cadet executive staff, or the "top three"), which includes the cadet deputy commander and cadet executive officer. It is generally assigned to cadets holding the grade of C/Maj, C/Lt Col and C/Col.

Cadet command is the ultimate challenge for a cadet officer. It is an enormous test of leadership skill, especially one’s ability to articulate a vision and point all cadets toward meaningful goals. The position stands at the epicenter of the squadron: The cadet commander is the most visible cadet, a role model for the entire cadet corps, and the liaison between the senior staff and the cadet staff. The nature of this position depends on the number of cadet officers and NCOs in the squadron. Therefore, the position description must be flexible. In small squadrons, the cadet commander may need to assume flight commander and even first sergeant duties. In large squadrons, the main task is to direct and coordinate a team of cadet officers and NCOs.

Position and different command levels

Cadet Commanders are used widely at the squadron level, encampments and NCSA's. Cadet commanders are generally thought of as the most important cadet staff position as they plan, coordinate, set goals for the squadron, etc.


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