Cadet Assistant Element Leader

A Cadet Assistant Element Leader is a cadet assigned to assist the Cadet Element Leader in training an element of cadets.


The duties for an Assistant Element Leader are not specifically stated in the CAPR 20-1, since the position is generally not considered a staff position. However, it can be inferred that the Assistant Element Leader should assist the Element Leader with his or her duties, which consist of training the element in:

  • Satisfactory performance during formations and ceremonies.
  • Military bearing
  • Morale

General Information

The Cadet Assistant Element Leader is generally a Cadet Airman, and the primary duties involve indoctrinating the cadets in cadet life. assistant element leaders report to the element leader.

Like the element leader, duties of the assistant element leader do NOT include any command responsibilities. Rather, the assistant element leader's responsibility is only to assist the element leader as needed in training the element. Assistant element leaders may sometimes fill in for the element leader when he or she is absent.

Position at different command levels

While element leaders are rarely utilized below the above-squadron activitly level, assistant element leaders are ever rarer. Few activities are known to train by individual elements rather than flights.


  • CAPR 20-1, Organization of Civil Air Patrol
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