Air Force Pararescue Orientation Course

Air Force Pararescue Orientation Course (POC, PJOC) is a NCSA that takes place at Kirkland AFB, NM. It is designed to teach cadets learn about and train similar to a USAF Pararescueman.


Cadets must be at least 15 by the start of the activity. PJOC cost $180.

Activity Outline

This activity is a one-week introduction to the rigorous mission of the pararescueman. In the basic course, cadets learn land navigation, survival techniques, rock climbing, rappelling, and other skills used in rescue operations from pararescue specialists. This high-adventure activity also promotes physical fitness and builds character.

You must be in excellent physical condition to participate in PJOC. If selected, your wing must certify that you have successfully passed the PJOC PHYSICAL FITNESS EVALUATION .

A physical fitness test will be administered at the start of the activity, and the instructors will send home any cadet who cannot meet the physical standards. Cadets will be doing a lot of calisthenics and running while at PJOC.

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